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About Us

This website is owned and operated by LLC a Texas Corporation.  We specialize in the reselling of older issued diecast toy vehicles.  Our companies have been in business since 1996. LLC is not affilated with Mattel, Playing Mantis, Ford, Chevrolet or any other corporate entity that may be mentioned on these webpages.  And are used purely for the purpose of reference only.  All content on this site, i.e. images and text are the property of LLC and copying is hereby prohibited.

We have other business interests besides this website so if you need to contact us please use our "Contact Us" form or call our phone numbers listed at the top and we will be paged and we will respond promptly. 

Our Hot Wheels inventory is mainly 2009 and older, it consists of vintage Blackwalls, Redlines, Prototypes, Leo Mattel India Cars, Mattel Employee cars and everything in between.  For the Hot Wheels Collector this is a great place to visit.