Edelbrock's Smokey Yunick '68 Trans-Am Camaro Limited Edition Hot Wheels, Mint Loose

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Hot Wheels Limited Edition Edelbrock '68 Trans-Am Camaro, MINT LOOSE, removed from damaged card by us.

  The #13 Camaro reflected a free-spirited, unorthodox approach to race car engineering.  What initially appeared to be a relatively stock 1968 Chevrolet Camaro turned out to be anything but stock upon closer inspection.  Built to be raced in the Trans-Am Series, #13 underwent some subtle, but dramatic modifications and the final product was a thoroughbred race car, cloaked in acid-dipped '68 Camaro sheet metal. 

This is actually the Smokey Yunick Camaro but rumor had it that a licensing agreement could not be reached with the Yunick family so it became a Hot Wheels Limited based on Edelbrock's ownership of the car.  Either way its a nicely done limited edition.

In addition to the lightening process, the front body panels were "drooped," all four fenders were widened, the front subframe was Z'd to lower the car, the windshield was laid back to smooth the airflow over the roof, and thinner safety glass was used throughout the car.  Shades of Smokey Yunick I say.

Powered by a healthy 302 cubic inch small block pumping out 450 horsepower and capable of winding well above 7,000 RPM, the Camaro first appeared at Riverside in late 1967 and ran .6 second quicker than the pole sitter, but failed a tech inspection.  The car was later taken to Bonneville where it topped 174 mph with the 302 and 183 mph with a modified 396 big block.  Eventually the car did compete in the '68 Sebring 12-Hour Race, but failed to finish.  Many well-known drivers piloted #13 during its career including Bruce McLaren, Jim Hall, Al and Bobby Unser and Mark Donohue.

The #13 Camaro, a classic example of 1960's state of the art Trans-Am engineering, and one of only two built, is now owned by Vic Edelbrock Jr.  Mike Eddy, of the Edelbrock Corporation, has masterfully restored this icon of racing history to its '68 Sebring trim, however, this is no museum piece.  As soon as it was completed, Vic raced it at a vintage Trans-Am race at Sears Point, finishing a respectable fourth.  Vic continues to race the Camaro at vintage race events across the country.

This Limited Edition Hot Wheels car was produced back in 1998 with a production run of 10,000.