Hot Wheels 1967 RS/SS Chevrolet Camaro US Camaro Club loose

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Hot Wheels 1967 RS/SS Chevrolet Camaro Limited Edition in mint condition loose.  Produced for the US Camaro Club and their magazine the Camaro Enthusiast.  ...about the club!   The United States Camaro Club was started in 1984 to unite people and celebrate the Chevrolet Camaro.  Our members come from all 50 states and 24 foreign countries.  Members join to show their cars, find rare parts, form friendships with those who share a common interest, or just to read about the cars.

Members enjoy the kinship of all club participants preserving the heritage of days gone by when things were simple and muscle cars were all the rage.  The American heritage of having pride in your car, sharing that feeling with others that have the same passion, is what this is all about.

Camaro Enthusiast, our club's bi-monthly publication, endeavors to share information on over 30 years of Camaro history covering four generations from the first 1967  to today's models. 

...about the Car!   The Camaro joined the muscle car scene in 1967, and quickly jumped to the front of the pack, with both the Z28 and SS packages and options like 396ci/375hp big blocks.  These are still some of the fastest iron Detroit ever produced, and the '67 Camaro RS/SS remains one of the most popular cars today among muscle car collectors.

Only 15,000 were produced back in 1998 for this promotion.   Car is mint and will be wrapped safely for shipping.

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