Hot Wheels 1975 Corvette in Yellow Limited Edition for Corvette Central - LOOSE

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Hot Wheels 1975 Corvette in Bright Yellow with Real Riders.  This car is #3 in a series of (4) cars produced for Corvette Central.  This 1975 Corvette marks the year that Corvette Central manufactured and sold the first reproduction Corvette part.  The "Grille Teeth" for 1953-1960 Corvettes were the beginning.  As the new millennium approaches, Corvette Central will celebrate 25 years as "America's Leader in Corvette Parts and Accessories."

Coinciding with Corvette Central's anniversary is the 25th birthday of the 1975 Corvette.  1975 was the last production year for Corvette convertibles until 1986. 

Corvette Central is dedicated to the Corvette and the people that appreciate it.  That's why we're known as the "Caretakers of the Legend."