Hot Wheels '32 Ford Hot Rod Coupe Limited Edition Firebird Raceway, loose

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This '32 Ford Hot Rod Coupe is a limited edition produced in 1999 for Firebird Raceway.   The car is metalflake ruby red, black interior, clear windows.  Firebird Raceway logo, Hot Wheels logo and Hot Rod Coupe on trunk with Chrome Real Riders.  Even though Hot Wheels and Drag Racing are both known today the world over, there was a time when both were relatively unknown.

The predecessor to both was simply called the Hot Rod.  Born on the streets and dry lake beds of southern California in the 1930's, this truly American original has now spawned literally hundreds of thousands of followeres and admirers from around the globe.

In celebration of the 19th Annual "Oldies but Goodies Drags & Show" for '99, the New family operators of Firebird Raceway are excited to unveil  its latest Hot Wheels car. 

Limited to just 12,000 pieces, don't be late at the gate to capture a slice of hot rodding history. 

We reserve the right to ship the item in its original non mint packaging to save time during shipping.