Hot Wheels Ed Newton's Low Boyz 3-car set, issued back in 2000

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Hot Wheels Collectibles Series featuring Ed Newton's Low Boyz 3-car set that was released back in 2000.  Ed Newton is a car designer who has his eyes on the future and his heart in the past.  Ed created his LOWBOYZ set by embracing the cars of his youth, then transforming these classic cars of character and uniquesness into visions of high-tech wizardry.  When you look at one of Ed's LOWBOYZ, you get a strange and wonderful sense of being in two places at the same time.

Ed has not customized existing cars.  He has created his vehicles from design concepts - morphing classic, custom and retro designs into his own futuristic, one-of-a-kind dream cars.  Cars that move fast while standing still, and glide and hover rather than roll.  Study the Triclopz.  Can you feel the presence of a 1948 Tucker?  Look to the Rareflow and you may sense the spirit of a 1933 Chrysler Air Flow.  And of course there's the Mercohaulic.  Is it a 1939 or '40...or is it a classic cruiser for the new millennium?

Our remaining inventory is New Old Stock that has been in our warehouse and the outside packaging is rated as good.  Not perfect but good.  Remember, when you wrap cardboard around diecast cars...perfection does not always happen.

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