Hot Wheels Fiat 500C Mooneyes Special Edition - Non Mint Cards

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This Hot Wheels limited edition Fiat 500C in Mooneyes theme colors was produced in 2000 for Fullgrid as a promotional souvenir at the track.

This Hot Wheels Special Edition Mooneyes Fiat 500C Fuel Altered is a fine example of what could have been when these fire-breathing monsters cruised the drag strips and battled side by side for national titles, bringing together two of the most popular fan favorites of their day:  the classic yellow paint scheme and hugely popular MOONEYES logo, and the radical Fiat 500C.

Old Store stock that will have damage to the packaging...such as soft corners, scuffs, bends etc.  We always try to select the best cards first however at some point the best cards sell out.  Image provided is for reference only.