Hot Wheels Hall of Fame Series

The 2003 Hot Wheels Hall of Fame series commemorates The 35th Anniversary of Hot Wheels cars by spotlighting three categories which constantly stir the passions of car enthusiasts around the world.  In focusing their admiration on the greatest rides, the legends who built and drove these cars, and the milestone moments within the long and rich automotive history, the Hall of Fame series celebrates the styling, technology, and the record breaking times that have revved up our hearts and burned lasting images into our memories.  The Hall of Fame series is one of the best that Mattel has ever done, with so many capturing a moment in time of not just the car but the people that would influence the automotive world.

Hot Wheels Hall of Fame cars feature a Collector Card, Special Paint Jobs and Deluxe Rubber Tires.  Collect all three Hall of Fame Galleries:

Legends, Greatest Rides and Milestone Moments




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