Hot Wheels Limited Edition Lane Automotive Chevy Stocker, loose (2399)

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These are some of the coolest limited editions ever created.  Issued way back in 1993, they feature the Old School Stock Car Racers that helped make Nascar what it is today.  This 1957 Chevy features the driver Fireball Roberts.  Car is loose, removed from a damaged package by us.  

We have thousands of items, Blackwalls, Redlines, Crack Ups, Color Racers and many other hard to find and unique Hot Wheels.  These items rarely see the light of day let alone be available for sale.   

Since 1996, Brian & Anna's Collectibles, a division of LLC has worked hard to offer many unique and hard to find items.  We specialize in Hot Wheels from 1968 to 2008 but as we go through collections that we have purchased over the years you will see many other interesting items.