Hot Wheels Mattel Shift Kickers

Write up courtesy of the Hot Wheels Newsletter -

In 1983 Mattel introduced the Shift Kickers line of Hot Wheels vehicles.  There were six different Shift Kicker cars produced in three different body styles.  The cars had gray mag style wheels with Goodyear Real Rider tires and a unique shifting mechanism.  You would rev the wheels by pulling the shift lever back and release the car by pushing the shift lever forward.  The cars were packaged in pedestal style display packs with a red background, the Mattel logo, "Shift Kickers", "Super Fast Race Cars With Stick Shifting Action", "Motorized", "Hi Traction Treads", "Mag Wheels, Die-Cast Tough" and "Rev it Up it in Gear! Watch it Peel Out!".  There was one Shift Kicker race set produced.  That set and six cars were available only through 1984.