Hot Wheels Vintage Set, Crackups 2-car set with Stamper (2532)

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Hong Kong

Hot Wheels Vintage set, Hot Wheels Crackups 2-car Stamper Set.  The set features the Crackups Basher II and the Rear Ender.      

As you can see in the images, the plastic has yellowed, cars appear to be in very good condition and overall condition is good considering its age and difficulty in storing these oversize cards.  **Side note, cars are from Hong Kong and the Stamper was made in Japan. 

For reference the set was originally from the Michael Strauss Blackwall Collection that we purchased way back in 2007, Mike is the author of the Tomarts Price Guide to Hot Wheels and long time editor of the Hot Wheels Newsletter.  

Please review the images of the actual item up for sale and if you have questions you can contact us, our info is at the bottom of our web pages.         

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