Johnny Lightning Mustang Club Promo from '99 Houston Show (6193)

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This 64 Ford Mustang Convertible, White with bright red interior was produced by Playing Mantis/Johnny Lightning for the 1999 Grand National Car Show of the Mustang Club of America that was held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Houston, Texas.  This car was given to Brian by one of the officers of the Houston Club.   

This was the season finale that followed four other shows held in various parts of the United States to help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Mustang.  To commemorate all this, the Mustang Club of Houston commissioned a limited edition diecast of the 1964 Mustang Convertible.  This car is one of 1000 that were made available to the public and participants.  The Lone Star Grand National logo is on the hood of the car.

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