SOLD - Hot Wheels MMA Ball, Mattel Employee 1975 Winter Ball holiday Chevy Monza in Bright Chrome, loose

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Hot Wheels original 1975 MMA Ball Mattel Employee holidays Chevy Monza in Bright Chrome, loose.  It's reported in the Tomart Guide that only 200 were made for the party.  However, Brian was able to make contact with a former Mattel employee that attended that party and she did verify that she took "quite a few" home for her son to play with.  Remember, back then they were just toys that the kids played with and given the fact they were not packaged as the fancy ones are today means there are fewer available then previously realized.    Please review the images for the condition of the item.  (she could not recall the exact amount given it was decades ago)

Brian also had the opportunity to speak with her son and he confirmed that his mother had come home with a box of the Christmas Monza's.  Again, exact amount unknown but between "quite a few & box" we can surmise that the overall total in current circulation is very low.

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