Zender Fact 4

To show off their engineering prowess, the Zender Company built the Zender Fact 4 as a demonstration vehicle. Occasionally Zender teases the world with an original sports car design, but in the end, it continues to make conversions and body kits.

The main problem with the Zender Company has been economic, so even though a series of promising prototypes have been unveiled, they remain only prototypes.

A mid-engineered coupe in the fashion of the Italian supercar, the Zender Fact 4 was introduced in 1999. The Fact 4 had a body and monocoque of carbon fiber and twin turbocharged version of the 3562cc Audi V8 engine. The engine was able to achieve 448 bhp through a 5-speed 2F gearbox.

The Fender Fact 4 was able to achieve a top speed of 190 mph and could achieve 0 to 60 seconds in 4.2 seconds. The vehicle weighed a whopping 2,447.1lbs and had an overall length of 161.0 inches. The Fender Fact 4 carried an inline 8 cylinder that had a maximum power rating of 330 KW at 6500 revs per minute.