Hot Wheels Color Racers / Color Changers

In 1988, Mattel introduced Color Racers/Color Changers.  (We will do our best to assign a color but due to age the coating creates a muddled color sometimes...Review the Images.)  These cars had a second coat of paint that was thermochromic - sensitive to temperature.   This paint could only be seen when the vehicle was cold, otherwise it remained invisible.  The basic color that these cars maintain depends on the thickness of the second coat of paint.  Within about eight years time most of the Color Racers did not change anymore, and the rest need extensive heat or cold to change color.  **Do Not expect the car to change colors**

The International line consisted of several models that were not available in the USA.  Also, with all International packages except Color Racers II, either a sponge or a magic pen was included, to use on models to make them change color.

Many of the cars featured here were removed from the package by us and any imperfections seen in the images are manufacturing defects unless otherwise noted.  Please NOTE: The packaging for cars on the blister will have shelf/storage wear consistent for 30 yr old items, especially the larger International Cards.  The larger the cardboard the larger the crease/bend/crinkle etc.  If we left an item on the card then we feel it is still display worthy.  Also, we understand that monitors/phone screens may show up colors differently, if you have any questions about color please contact us using the Contact Us button at the bottom of our web pages.