Hot Wheels Revvers

All of the Revvers listed are from our personal collection.  They are used and the condition will vary so please review the images.  Also, some of the cars still have rubber bands, they are very dry and could break off during shipping so we make no guarantees that the rubber band components will arrive as pictured.  

Hot Wheels Revvers - In 1973 Mattel introduced the "Revvers" into the Hot Wheels line.  Revvers are die-cast vehicles, a little larger than regular Hot Wheels vehicles. According to the blistercard, all Revvers had Rev Gear, Mag Wheels, Boss Colors, Red Stripe Slicks and Custom Styling.  All Revvers were rubber band powered.  By running the large rear mounted wheel (Rev Gear) back and forth several times, you wound up the rubber band.  Once this was done, you pulled the Rev Gear out, locking the wheels.  Then, by pushing down on the rear of the car, the Rev Gear released and the car took off.

Revvers would only be produced in 1973.  The line also included a trailer which was only available in a two pack with a 1973 Hot Wheels car and the Sidecar which was only available with a Rrrumblers Motorcycle.  Both were only issued in one color.  All of the others may have been produced in up to six of the 1973 colors.  The blistercard was divided in three sections.  The largest section was the lower two thirds where the blister held the Revvers vehicle.  This section has a dark blue background, with the Hot Wheels logo in Red, "Revvers" in yellow outlined in red and "Off Track Racers" in orange.  The top left section has a pink background with "Rev 'Em Up" and the Haulin' Horses Revver being used as a demo on how to use the Rev Gear.  The top right section has "Let 'Em Rip" and a Blue sky with the Haulin' Horses on a multicolored highway.  All of the Revvers were made in Hong Kong.