About Us

Back in 1990 the young couple pictured here met on an airplane, after much persuasion by Brian a date ensued, a long distance relationship began, they fell in love and married a few years later. Anna thought Brian's hobby was a bit quirky, "he collects these little toy cars" she would tell her friends" however soon after she was hooked on Hot Wheels as well. (she thought they were cute) And with that the two started a journey of enjoying a hobby by traveling the USA, buying collections, going to toy shows and meeting friends at the Hot Wheels Conventions. They started Brian & Anna's in 1996 as a way to help disperse the extra's they would have from buying collections. Now, over 20 years later we're not that young couple in the photo anymore, the days of traveling and buying collections are behind us and with display cases full of cars we're going to make these "little toy cars" available to collectors around the world. Sincerely, Brian & Anna